The Tale Of Keeping It Stinky

It was on one of those epic and memorable Tuna Fishing days the lifestyle/concept of Stinky Fingerz was born. Richard Wilner, co-founder of Stinky Fingerz, LLC was fishing a school of Tuna when he radioed in an approaching boat . The skipper asked the name of the vessel he was speaking with? Although the vessel was unnamed, Richard candidly replied “Stinky Fingerz” referring to the pungent smell emanating from his radio holding hand. After a Short Chuckle the skipper radio’d back “OK Stinky Fingerz, out”. Everyone on board gave each other that knowing look. Stinky Fingerz was official.

Soon after that, Max Wilner, in 6th grade at the time, suggested that we make t-shirts for the boat and our friends. Co-founder Grant Reynolds was on board with the idea and we produced a first line of t-shirts for family and friends. An idea for a brand was born, but it hadn’t grown up yet…until now.

Now, Team Stinky Fingerz has grown into a brand with t-shirts and stank tops. Hats and hoodies are soon to be released. The gear is not meant to just outfit friends and family. Instead, it is worn by those who captain the F/V Stinky Fingerz ( and those who choose to embrace the stink of the Stinky Fingerz fishing family and lifestyle. We hope that this is you. Whether its hopping on board for the booked charter of your choice, or purchasing the some of the coolest shirts in the industry, we hope that you will GET SOME!

Stinky Fingerz…out